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Voice Acting Voice Acting

Rated 1.5 / 5 stars

I'm sorry to do it but I really had to leave this rating. Just because you THINK you do a voice well doesn't make you a voice actor man. That is legitimately insulting to be totally honest. Voice Over requires hard work and dedication not just sitting at your computer doing lousy impressions. I'm not saying that you have a bad voice or can not ever work in Voice Over but this "demo" is embarrassing to listen to.

KennyShyBoyMcCormick responds:

Freddie, the reason why the voice-over sucks, is because of my microphone, I don't have one of those GOOD mic's, and I can actually do a lot of the voices that were on here, but right now I can't because I don't have a mic, the mic I did have was a headset, I don't have one of those fancy mics that other people have. Once I get a good mic, I'll redo my voice acting

Felipe Velarde - Voice Actor and Voice Over Felipe Velarde - Voice Actor and Voice Over

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Pretty solid work.

FelipeV responds:

i did what i though it was good, but i can do other voices. thanks! if i can help you just send me a message